11 Tips for Riding Horses in Winter

Cold weather, ice and snow present special problems for horses and their owners. But the challenges brought on by winter are not insurmountable. Here are tips and suggestions on how you can make sure your ride as is safe as possible, despite the hazards winter can throw at us.

1…Provide More Grip

If you plan to ride, and the ground is slippery ask your farrier about shoes with pads and ice caulks. Special pads will prevent snowballs and may help prevent ice bruising on their soles. Ice calks on a horse’s hind hooves can cause a lot of damage if they kick another horse with these. So you may want to shoe the front hooves with calks and leave the hinds bare, but trimmed. Untrimmed hooves chip easier in frigid weather, so don’t skip farrier appointments just because it’s winter.

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