18 Six-Horse Hitches Thunder Through The Field In A Wild Ride

In today’s fast-paced world, many people do not have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a weekend that reminds them of days gone by. But, that opportunity exists in Britt, Iowa every Labor Day weekend. For many Iowans and others from a rural background, the draft horse is a symbol of their heritage. But, the era the draft horse represents is one that has come and gone in less than a century.

The Britt Draft Horse Show is a window to that heritage. If you have seen some time in your life a hitch being pulled by draft horses you know that the sound of thunder is heard in the air and you can only imagine what it’s like watching and experiencing 18 six-horse hitches moving at the same time. You can feel the earth shaking under your feet and at the same time marvel at the beauty and strength of the draft horses.

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