30-Year-Old Stallion Showed Himself Very Well And Acted As A Three Year Old!

Heartbreaker was elected horse of the year at the KWPN stallion show 2016. The 30 year old approved stallion showed himself very well and acted as a three year old. He is not fertile anymore with fresh semen but the first results with the icsi-procedure has already resulted in several pregnancies and foals.

What you are going to watch in this video is this stallion at the age of 30 showing off in front of a crowd who simply can’t stop be amazed at this horse. He was a top class show jumping stallion with amazing skills. He delivered outstanding offsprings with amazing jumping ability and quick reactions, both in canter as well as jumping.

With his outstanding rideability and scope he is just what the breeders need. His owner says, “We’re delighted to be able to offer our breeders an international top class stallion. Many have asked us about Heartbreaker through the years which makes it extra enjoyable to have him with us.”

It is so nice when you see one of the few breeding stallions that’s healthy and fit up to the high age. This horse is there in top condition and so wellnurtured and pleased with his health. Watch this amazing stallion!

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