5-Year-Old Golden Bronze Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion

Diamond Dak is a stunning golden bronze Tennessee walking stallion and whoever sees him fall in love with him at first sight. Besides the video we decided to post some of the comments of the video related to this beauty.


“Your horse is breathtakingly beautiful! He’s as smooth as silk and I’ll bet a real pleasure to be around! Dak should be the “Poster Horse” for the Tennessee Walking Horse Breed. This is how a real TW horse should move — naturally! Thanks for sharing this beautiful video. Best of luck with him.  He’s a treasure!”

“Beautiful horse and good to see it looking and walking naturally. Those trainers that bash the horse around the head with a piece of wood to make them head shy so they hold their heads up high and then bandage their legs in order to get them inflamed and sore so they can’t walk normally, deserve to be strung up by their genitals.” “It’s so amazing to see a Walking Horse that’s taken care of and treated the right way. Lovely, lovely horse.”

Possibly the most beautifully-colored and marked horse I’ve ever seen.” “Love it when people enjoy the natural beauty of their horses. I don’t see why anyone would want to change this gait.”

What I love most is that you kept this beautiful animal all natural, not like so many people do for shows…this is awesome.” Watch and enjoy this video and the awesome Golden Bronze Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion.

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