A Baby Zebra With Polka Dots Spotted In Kenya

This article has nothing to do with horses, however, I thought to bring it here because I believe it is worth sharing with all of you. The video below is about a Zebra which is very different compared to other Zebra’s that you are used to seeing.

These incredible images show an adorable zebra foal as you’ve never seen it before. Taken by photographer Rahul Sachdev, 41, the images show the female zebra and her foal – with a unique spotted coat. The images were taken earlier this month (September) in the Masai Mara in Kenya.

Zebras are the type of animals that are difficult to be distinguished in a group of Zebras, given their standardized look. They are indeed gorgeous animals though. Also, what is worth mentioning is the similarities between Zebras and horses in the personality aspect.

They are both really calm, friendly and sociable animals. Horses, as you all know are more preferred as pet animals because they can be more beneficial to humans in a lot of aspects.

Zebras are rarely used as pet animals. We can’t really compare in this aspect, can we? Please watch the video below and let us know what you think about it.

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source: horses-world.com