A Little Boy With Williams Syndrome Meets A Horse For The First Time In This Heartwarming Moment

Williams syndrome is a disability that affects one in 10,000 people throughout the world. People of all ages with this syndrome are very social and trusting, to a point where it can become a concern, especially for young children.

The syndrome can also be associated with many physical concerns, such as major cardiovascular defects, heightened blood calcium levels, blood vessel problems, dental abnormalities, hernias, kidney abnormalities, among other concerns that require lifelong health monitoring.

Children with this disease tend to be very good at music, but have trouble with things like math and spatial reasoning. They often need ongoing assistance as they grow into adults.

When this little boy with Williams syndrome, named Erez, meets a horse for the first time, he is uncharacteristically shy at first. Can you imagine if you were as small as he was and you were meeting an animal so big? But he soon warms up and snuggles up close to the gentle giant. Watching the pure joy on his face is entirely priceless.

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