An Entire Herd Rushed Up To A Paddock To See The Rarity A Mother Horse Was Hiding

Horses are incredible creatures; they are gentle giants capable of great strength, understanding, and intelligence. It’s easy to see why, throughout the centuries, humans have kept them as working companions and pets.

For Scott and Jackie Nelson, horses are their life. The couple owns Down Under Colour Ranch in Florida, where they raise Australian and American paint horses.

All of their horses are beautiful, but recently, one momma gave birth to a very special and rare foal.

The mother was a mare of theirs named Poka. It was her very first pregnancy and, because of that, the Nelsons were a little nervous and unsure how everything would go.

The father was a stallion on the ranch named Chief, who was in great health, just like Poka. Scott and Jackie had high hopes for this little family!

11 long months later, Poka finally gave birth to her beautiful baby — and the Nelsons were shocked by what they saw.

The foal was healthy and happy, but not only that: she was incredibly unique.

They named the perky little filly Coconut and were completely amazed by her markings. She was a Medicine Hat Horse, a very rare coloration for a paint horse. Medicine Hats are characterized by having a mostly white body, with color on their ears and top of the head, resembling a hat.

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