Baby horse cried out for his mother, then they put a teddy bear in his stable

This is easily the most adorable thing on the internet.

A tiny foal called Breeze was sadly abandoned by his mother. The pony, discovered by farmers, was brought to the Sanctuary when he was only a matter of hours old.

The baby was unable to find his mother and was descoverd by the farmers suckling on their mares.

When members of the Sanctuary’s team arrived at the scene, Breeze collapsed and was in a state of severe shock and dehydration.

Without his mother, Breeze was severly malnourished and missing vital nutriants found in colostrum, that he desperatly needed to fight sickness and infection.

The sanctuary staff could feed him and they tried hard to give him the love and attention that he would’ve revieved from his mother.

Sadly it wasn’t enough and Breeze became depressed during the lonely night hours where he should be nestled in beside his mother.

Thinking on their feet, the sanctuary decided to give Breeze a huge teddy bear! Breeze was instantly able to sleep like the baby he was.

This video makes your heart melt. I’d like to see a video of him now that he’s been reunited with the bear as an adult.

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