Belgian Draft Horses Are Unbeatable – Video Below!

Imagine a pulling contest where one Belgian horse tries to win over eighteen strong man! Take a moment to have a look at the following video, but first read the text below and find out some interesting facts about Belgian horses.

At the present time, the tallest horse in the world is a Belgian Draft horse, known as Big Jake. He is 210 cm tall. A standard Belgian horse can grow up to 173 cm and 900 kg. They have a well-shaped head and most of them are chestnut. They are highly powerful breed, and because of that they are used as working animals on farms and ranches.

You can also meet a Belgian horse as a pleasure riding horse and as a performer at many popular shows. Their ability to pull enormous weights makes them unbeatable! For example, a team of two horses in the Heavyweight class at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, pulled 7,700 kg a distance of 2.18 m. How amazing is that?

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