Breathtaking Before And After Of A Palomino Filly Nearly Starved To Death

What you are going to watch in this clip is the story of Sansa, a Palomino filly nearly starved to death. She was so emaciated that she barely stood on its feet. Sansa was in an extremely neglected herd of horses that were going to be seized by law enforcement and probably then sent for slaughter.

Her body had held onto her winter coat even though it was spring and it had to be shaved to help her cool off. She was in a very difficult situation and when the vets came to see her, her prognosis was bleak, her blood work suggested her organs were failing, she had pneumonia and extreme lameness from malnutrition her entire life.

She was so weak but very determined and kept struggling. It really seemed hopeless but her foster mum believed that she could make it and that it would recover.

And amazingly, the youth she had in herself and the strong will to thrive proved all to be on her side. After eight weeks her life turned around and no one could recognize the beauty she transformed into.

Never lose hope, this little filly did not and look at her now.

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