Brogi – The Rescued Foal Strikes Up An Unlikely Friendship!

The video you are going to watch is part of a really beautiful story of rescue and it involves the photographer Gigja Einarsdottir. Gigja Einarsdottir and her family rescued a foal after it got stuck in a fence two years ago. Her four-year-old daughter struck up a friendship with the foal and Gigja caught in on film.

Gigja and her family were warm in their home and were getting ready to watch the European Song Contest when a neighbor called them and told them about a foal stuck in a fence near the farm. Although it was a cold and stormy night Gigja didn’t hesitate a bit to go out and search for the poor animal.

It wasn’t long before they found the foal and took it home. After they fed it the foal became so curious and started to investigate the new surrounding along with the couple’s four-year-old daughter. It looks like they created such a strong bond that they spent the next morning playing and dashing in the fields.

Gigja wrote, “The sun was shining and the foal followed her wherever she went, came to a halt when she stopped, galloped around her and kicked its hind legs in the air, both of them were terribly proud of themselves. Bragi charmed everyone, even the man of the house who patted him whenever he thought no one was looking.” Watch the adorable video of them!

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