Clever Horse Making A Brilliant Recovery Thanks To Her Strength!

Horses are highly intelligent creatures and they keep on amazing us with their brightness and cleverness. Sydney, the horse from the video footage beneath this text, will take your breath away with her incredible performance!

At South of England CIC she was thinking with his feet while taking an ambitious route over the bank to a clear round. The problem was that she misjudged the jump but makes a perfect end. She managed to recover and looked so self-confident during the whole process. She took care of herself and her rider at the same moment.

Everything could end up bad if Sydney did not react properly and on time. But she did and that makes her a smart and talented horse, don’t you agree?! She knew exactly what she was doing and what to do next. A well-done job, we must say. Sydney has shown what a great horse she is, strong, and clever.

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