Clever Horse Saves Himelf And The Rider With His Amazing Movement

The horse, Sydney, thinks with his feet as he takes an ambitious route over the bank too skinny on his way to a clear round at South of England CIC.

The horse misjudges the jump but he recovers so perfectly and it seems like he acted on purpose and as if saying “Yeah I meant to do that.” Even though he misjudged the jump he showed to be a really good boy by taking care of both his rider and himself.


Literally, he saved both out of what could have been a really bad fall. He was very clever and sneaky and he knew what he was doing. Sydney shows that she really is a strong horse and she must have a lot of strength in his upper body and back to pull that off.

It is really impressive how Sydney manages to do that because other horses would have fallen. It is a brilliant way to do a spread jump. Well done Sydney!

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