Clydesdales Love Story Commercial!

It would be great if this video footage puts a smile on your face even for a while. Clydesdales are amazing horses, well-known for their part in Budweisers’ popular commercials. They are the symbol for this famous brand, and people are impatient when it comes to the next Budweiser ad.

This video is another great Budweiser commercial with two gorgeous Clydesdales, Homer and Kitty. It is a lovely story during winter time. There is snow outside, and the horses are in their stables. They seem to like each other a lot, and while Kitty is under the mistletoe she expects Homer to approach her and give her a kiss. When he finally does that, something unexpected happened!

Homer took a candy from the mistletoe instead of giving Kitty a kiss. She goes away, leaving him alone to enjoy his candy. She is sweet, but at that moment, Homer wanted some treat. Enjoy the video!

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