Cowboy Reunites With Horse After Forest Fire Separates Them

It is always sad to lose someone you love and the Black Forest Fire has come between so many people and their animals. Some animals are lost and nothing is known about them while others were caught in the blazing fire. Fortunately, one man was reunited with his horse after he feared that he wouldn’t see him again. Thomas Boyle rushed out of home as the fire was approaching really close and was forced to leave his horse Banjo in a nearby farm thinking of coming the next day to take it.

When Thomas went to the Barn the next day Banjo was gone, it had disappeared. He looked everywhere for Banjo, he searched every place he could think of but Banjo was nowhere. He feared the worst and he had given up hope when he saw a photo online. Banjo was safe and sound in a nearby farm and as soon as he saw it he drove to that farm and the friends were reunited. Thanks to those people Banjo had had a place to stay and be fed and is just fine.

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