Cupcake’s Incredible Rescue!

The men and women who are working in the emergency services deserve to be respected for all the efforts they are making in order to make this world a better place for everyone. They are irreplaceable, and that’s why we should appreciate them!

This story is about a 13-year-old horse who was saved from a muddy hole, thanks to the emergency service. Those people risk their lives in order to save other lives. How amazing is that?! And they would do the same for humans, pets, wild creatures, and other animals, it doesn’t matter to them, because their goal is to save a life in the best way they can!

Capcake, the horse from the video beneath this text was having a ride with her owner when she ended up into a muddy hole. She could not get out, because the hole was filled up with water. Also, she didn’t have the strength to move, she was tired from the ride, and she clearly needed some human help.

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