Deerfields Stables: Gypsy Vanners! Their Hooves Hit The Ground At Every Beat!

Hailing from the British Isles and into our hearts, the Gypsy Vanner is a relative newcomer to the horse world. Small in stature but big on hair, these sweet-tempered feathered beauties have become increasingly in demand throughout Europe and North America. While originally bred to pull the roaming caravans of the Romany Gypsies, the breed is quite versatile and up to almost any task.

There are many breed societies for the Gypsy horse, with mostly minor variations in their respective breed standards. The range of desired heights is generally from 13 to 16 hands but in Ireland and continental Europe, the desired height limit goes up to 16.2 hands for some types and they permit both lighter-boned as well as larger horses than typically desired by the American organizations. The Gypsy horse is a “strong, kind, very intelligent partner that works willingly and harmoniously with its handler.


They are also described as mannerly and manageable, eager to please, confident, courageous, alert, and loyal with a genuine sociable outlook. The Gypsy Horse is renowned for its gentle, tractable nature and sensible disposition. Gypsy Vanners are kind, keen and consummately cool. I cannot believe how I enjoyed these Gypsy Vanners of Deefields Stables as my heart was left back there with the donkey and the amazing horses. Watch this absolutely beautiful video!

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