Do You Think Equestrianism Is EASY? Equestrians Are The Ultimate Athlete!

People out there think that riding a horse is really easy and everyone can do that but they do not really know what riding a horse means. You will often hear them say that it is not a sport, it is really easy. It is harmless and it requires no real skill to do that.

For sure they will even say that horses as animals are weak and that equestrians just sit there and anyone can do it. But what does it mean to be an equestrian? It means to trust in something with a mind of its own, to trust an unpredictable animal.

Is it easy to fall 7ft from a 35mph machine? Have you ever felt like you could die just from one little mistake? This is what equestrianism is about. You risk everything, hurts, injuries and even death just to ride professionally and the having a teammate ten times your size is not at all easy.

Practicing five hours a day, seven days a week is not easy. Risking your life every time you make a mistake is not easy. Watch the video and consider the challenges of an equestrian!

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