Dressage Horse Freaks Out At The London Olympics But Rider And Horse Get Through It Together

It is known that horses can spook easily, even by the lightest noise if they are not used to it and it is also true that horses can have their moments and whatever you do to bring it back to normal, simply you cannot. As David Marcus was riding his horse, Capital, at the London Olympics, something that is not usually seen in dressage happened, the horse just freaked out and went out of control but we have to admit that this horse freaked out so elegantly.

Horses are animals and have their moments, no matter how ‘push button’ or ‘bombproof’ they are said to be, even at Olympic level and whether it was the rider’s or horse’s fault, or whether it was just a miscommunication, or the stress/nerves of the horse or whatever else, really is irrelevant. The point is, that they got through it and carried on and they were both okay.

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