Dying Baby Horse Wanted To Live And He Did His Best To Do That! Wonderful story!

In January 2011, staff at equine rescue centre, Horseworld worked around the clock to save the life of a young cob who arrived at the charity’s welfare department weighing just a third of his ideal body weight. Now, four years later, he is fully recovered, fully grown and has finally found a family and a home to call his own.

The start of the journey is really sad to watch but when you know that it has a happy ending it’s worth watching. Fortunately, the Horseworld team arrived just in time. HorseWorld Groom, Kayleigh Macleod helped to give Buddy the care and medication he needed when he was so emaciated and ill. “He looked ready to die and was so weak that his head had to be supported by grooms.”

When they took him to HorseWorld he just weighed 108 kg and it looked like a skeleton standing on its feet. Normally, he would have weighed 280-300kg but he was in that condition because he suffering from severe diarrhoea that was full of redworm.

He was given emergency veterinary care and blood transfusions and this seemed to grow him stronger and stronger day by day. All this wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been quite a fighter.

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