Foal Starts Crying, Precious Mom Comes Running To The Rescue!

A mother always keeps her babies away from danger. When a baby is at risk, his mother will come to save him for sure. A family spotted a baby foal in a stall and asked to pet him. The foal was scared of the people and he started crying. He let out a little neigh and there came his mother running for him. The family recognized the danger, to their credit, and moved out of the way. They did the right thing.

The mother was following her natural instincts and came to protect her little foal. The sound that her hooves were making, were terrifying but when you see the purpose of it you understand and it makes this moment even more adorable. She is willing to do anything to protect her foal. It is an amazing scene when the mare comes at full speed and she gets together with her foal.

Those people were really respectful to these amazing creatures and they totally understood the mare’s purpose. It is incredibly cute to see the similarity of how the man protects his family and how horses do the same thing, too. Watch the video for more and please leave your comment!

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