Friesian Stallions Are Playing! Who Is The Boss Of These Horses?

Without a doubt, the black coat of the Friesian will impress you at first sight. Bays and grays occurred earlier in the breed, but now black is the only recognized color. A small white forehead star is also allowed. Other obvious characteristics are the long, heavy mane and tail and the Shire-like fetlock hair.

What you are going to watch in this video is three Friesian horses playing and having fun together. This video is beautiful to watch as it combines beauty and spirit together. These Friesians trot with power and action, bending well and deep at the joints.

Steps are high and long with lot of “air time’. The walk is straight, forward and springy. The canter is lively with a strong pushing power from the hindquarters this creates a thrusting, jumping canter. These loyal, willing, placid and cheerful Friesians are very people oriented and highly intelligent with an uncanny ability to retain knowledge.

Friesians tend to spook much like a cat, they stand stock-still puffing themselves up the look “big”. Friesians do not tend to bolt but they can sometimes spin slowly in a circle always coming back around to face what they are afraid of. These Friesian horses live up to their name. Watch and enjoy!

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