From Being Neglected to Become Britain’s Tallest Horse – Meet This Amazing Shire

We might have seen really big horses in our lives, watched them in awe and contemplated on the creation of God. There are times when we think and wish to be around those big creatures, train and ride them. We even might have wondered how big a horse can become and until now we know that Big Jake the Belgian Gelding horse has earned worldwide fame for his extraordinary height.

Standing at a majestic 20 hands 2.75 in (210.19 cm, 82.75 in) without shoes, he officially became the tallest horse living. But we are talking here about Britain’s tallest horse and the shire called Sovereign has been declared the tallest horse in Britain. The six-year-old Shire horse measures just under 21 hands from his hoof to the withers at the bottom of his neck, the equivalent of just under 7 ft but the top of his head stands a staggering 10ft above the ground.

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