Frozen Foal Unrecognisable As Cross Country Star

A Fife horse who was rescued at just ten months old from a freezing field with his emaciated mother and a group of other horses is the muse for the World Horse Sculpture Trail which will be displayed at a number of locations across the UK this year.

This horse is completely transformed now and will take part in various competitions in the UK. Lucas’ rehomer, Colleen, said for “It will be exciting (and a little daunting!)to see so many Lucas’ on the sculpture trails and it’s a real honour to have him representing World Horse Welfare.


People are always amazed at the fact that he is a rescue horse so he’s a brilliant example of what these horses can achieve, proving they can go on and have an incredible life after a difficult start. “I’ve been asked if Lucas will let the fame go to this head but I’m not sure it will change the fact he spends about 90% of his time lying down, fast asleep!


He’s often flat out and in dream world regardless of his surroundings, I’ve even plaited him up for a show whilst he’s flat out asleep! This however, is all redeemed every morning where he insists on sharing my mug of tea and demonstrates his true love of croissants!

“Competing at the Royal Windsor Horse Show will be exciting, if a little nerve-wracking, but I know that Lucas will do his best and that’s all I can ever ask for.” It’s unbelievable how that foal goes from a maltreated foal to an amazing cross country star. We’re glad this has had an amazing transformation and a good home. This world needs people like the ones who saved this foal because they return our hope to mankind. This is such an inspiring video. Watch and enjoy!

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