Funny Cow Running After Her Horse Friends

Our lives are so much better when having animals around, because they are so positive, energetic, and can always make us smile. The video footage beneath this text is another proof of that, and if you are not in the mood, this video is perfect for you!

This story is about the cow who wants to be a horse. Can you believe that?! They are probably friends and spend a lot of time together on the farm, but when it comes to running those horses are a bit faster than that cow. So, she has no other choice but to chase them around.

It is so funny to see those big, fast horses run through the field, and after a while here comes the cow, giving her best to track them down. But it’s not natural for her to run like a horse, and that’s clear as a day. However, it is beautiful to see how determinate that cow is, she wants to be with her friends and is ready to try the impossible. Her efforts may or may not pay off. What do you think? Did she manage to catch up on them? Enjoy the video!

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