Girl flips over horse’s back, demonstrating message that will move all horse-lovers

There’s something absolutely magical about the horse. Perhaps it’s the fact that the horse is so elegant and noble that he seems otherworldly. Or maybe it’s the fact that he moves effortlessly and embodies power in everything that he does. Either way, the ability to bond with a horse is one of the greatest gifts on earth.

This video captures that sentiment perfectly. The girl and her horse have a beautiful relationship which is clearly built on trust and patience. You can see how well they communicate, and if you’ve ever worked with a horse, then you know how much time went into the training behind this relationship.

If you want to forge a connection with your horse, there are a number of ways to do so. Horse Channel recommends spending time with your horse doing the basic things, like feeding him, grooming him, and just building a friendship with him. You want your horse to appreciate you enough to try his best for you.

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