Girl Reunites With Her Horse After Being Separated For 4 Years

You can have all the money in the world and buy all kinds of stuff, but there is one thing that money can’t buy- love. A girl had to sell her horse because her mom could not afford to take care of the animal. Her heart was broken, but she had to move on and find a new way in her life.

Horse lovers know that each there is only one horse of a lifetime for everyone. And Spook the horse was that one for Bay. They’ve won many barrel races together, many beit buckles and had long talks as best friends usually have. Four years ago, they had to say goodbye to each other, but see what has happened next in the video footage beneath this text.

Spook and Bay got reunited and their love has been renewed. She could not believe how fortunate she was for having Spook back in her arms. For a long time they had a strong connection, partnership and they were true friends. For four years they weren’t together and now they’ve received a chance for a new begining.

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