Grieving Horse Finds Comfort In Orphaned Baby Lamb!

Patricia lives on a 20-acre farm in Prentiss, ME called Last Stop Horse Rescue. Her resident family includes cats, dogs, a goat, a lamb, and nearly 30 horses. Patricia dedicates her life to taking in horses that had been abused and neglected. Angel is just one of these horses, and her story is incredible. When Angel was rescued she was in a state of seizure as she had been severely neglected and the conditions she had lived in were terrible.

This horse was so afraid and fearful that she was left in the open, in a fenced-off area just for her comfort and with the purpose to show her that from now on there is nothing she would be afraid of because she was in the good hands of a wonderful person. Patricia had this ability to understand the horse’s behaviour and she decided to look after Angel which in turn resulted in creating a strong connection and this connection kept on flourishing. After Angel arrived at the farm she had a baby horse which unfortunately passed away.

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