Heroic Pony Saves Her Foal From Barn Fire!

If you ever question what a mother will do for her child, think of these two ponies. Bella used her body to shield Butterscotch from the advancing flames of a barn fire. Mothers always show dedication to their children but what this mare went beyond and was ready to sacrifice herself to death just to save her baby.

This is one of those examples that shows the things a mother is able to do for her child. When the fire broke out in a barn in Texas Bella tried to shield her baby with her own body so that the foal wouldn’t get burned. She tried to block him from the flames and got herself burnt.

This was the declaration of the firefighters when they arrived at the scene of the accident. The Humane’s Society Whitney Hanson said, “She actually kind of backed the baby into the corner and stood over her and shielded her from the fire and from the debris that was falling.

The only reason that she’s survived and pulled through this is because she loves that baby so much and she wants to be here for the baby.” The foal escaped with minor burns thanks to his mother but Bella received major burns. Fortunately, she recovered but those burn marks are the marks of love. Watch the video!

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