Horrifying Practice Is Killing Hordes Of Horses But Nobody Is Talking About It

It has been reported recently that every week, thousands of horses are cruelly being loaded in cramped crates and flown to Japan illegally. They are being loaded from Edmonton and Calgary airports in Alberta and Winnipeg airport in Manitoba.

The appalling reason for this is, the horse meat required for a Shushi dish called basashi. Japan had already imported 6.5 million pounds of horsemeat in 2016.

Ewa Demianowics, the Campaign Manager for Humane Society International, said, “The meat needs to be consumed within three days of being slaughtered in order to be eaten as sushi.”

The horse oil is also used to make beauty products that are sold throughout Japan and South Korea.

Because it is illegal to import the horses from the US, they are apparently being taken to Canada and being flown to Japan from there.

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition desperately wants everyone to know this disgusting secret. The organisation’s Director of Research and Community Outreach, Debby Murtagh, said, “ It is sad and difficult to understand. Japan relies on the imports to boost production to meet consumer demand.”

Talking about the flights, they are sheer torture to the poor horses. They do not get any food or water for 18 hours straight and remain cramped inside the suffocating crates throughout the time.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency even allows horses to go without food, water or even rest up to 36 hours.

In 2012, during similar flight, three horses died during a landing accident, and another six died due to the harsh conditions inside the flight.

In fact, even the laws that can protect the horses are not properly enforced because this trade brings such high profits. Demianowicz explains, “If they were to follow regulations, it would not be as lucrative as a business.”

Animals are crucial for our existence; therefore, they should also be cared, rather than tortured for just one dinner.

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