Horse Falls On Road – Owner Posts It With The Hope That It Will Go Viral And That It Will Educate Drivers!

What you are going to watch in this video is a clip posted on Facebook by Kate Hardt with the hope that it will go viral and that it will educate drivers on the road. The video description on Facebook reads, “For my non horsie, driving friends – This shows the importance of slowing down for horses.

This happened to us today with a friend on one of our boys. It just goes to show how fast horses can react and come to grief without any warning at all. This horse is not a spooky horse! He spooked at some deer over the road but gave no warning at all, he did not back off – he just reacted and gave the rider no warning.

He then slipped as he tried to spin, making him do a Bambie. They are both fine, just cuts and grazes but could have been much worse. Folk moan and say horses should not be on the road – but they are legally allowed to be on the road and it is a driver’s responsibility to drive safely around them. Please stop and let horses pass you – and not keep on driving. 15mph can be too fast! Thank you.”

All happened so fast and no one could predict it. Kate didn’t post the video to blame anyone as her intention was only educational and as she cares a lot about the horses’ welfare she came to the conclusion that this video would make a difference if people saw it, riders and non-riders as well.

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