Horse has to act like a donkey to survive!

Horse slaughter is illegal in the United States, but it doesn‘t stop some people from making money for killing these graceful animals. They buy horses in auctions from owners who want to get rid of the animals, put them on trucks and send them to Mexico.

Unfortunately, Bubbles the horse faced the same doom. There was very little hope that Bubbles would survive because it is usually hard to track down illegally sold horses.

Bubbles must have felt that he cannot wait for help to come so he decided to take matters into his own hoofs. The smart horse pretended to be a donkey to save his life!

It happened when Sue Chapman, founder of Becky’s Hope Horse Rescue in Frisco, Texas, arrived at the kill lot where Bubbles was staying along with nine donkeys. Chapman and her team try to track down animals and save them.

They had heard that the group of donkeys were in danger, they rushed to the slaughter farm. However, they had no idea they would be rescuing a horse.

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