Horse In The Bed Of Pickup Truck Going 70 MPH On US-59 Taken On Camera

People across Houston are outraged after someone was caught taking a horse for a 70 MPH ride down US-59 in the back of a pickup. This has made people talk a lot about the way the horse was transported and that it was a potential risk for an accident for both the horse and the other cars going that way.

We know that horses spook easily and seeing a picture and a video like this can really be disturbing. There are even people who consider this kind of transportation as abuse because horses have to have much more room when they are transported from one place to another.

The picture and video were taken in Corrigan, Texas and it was Ami Parbs who captured all this. According to the horse owner the horse trailer was broken and he had no other way of transportation for the horse.

That is considered to be unsafe because you never know what the horse is going to do and there are people who even commented, ‘I wouldn’t do that with a dog.’ The police pulled over the driver but as there is no law that says this kind of transportation is illegal the driver was let go.

Fortunately, nothing bad happened and the horse was transported safe to his destination. Watch the video!

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