Horse Owner Reunites With Her Stolen Horse After 10 Years!

We believe that most of you who will read this story will give complete support to Stolen Horse International. This organization has done an amazing job and here is one story with happy ending thanks to the great work of Stolen Horse International!

Michelle, a horse owner, lost her loving horse, Opie, 10 years ago. Even though years were passing by, she never gave up from Opie and kept on looking for him. Opie was stolen from MIchelle’ s barn when he was young and for a long period they’ve been looking for the disappeared horse.

Miracle has happened when Stolen Horse International started working on Opie’s case. With the help from another person they have managed to find Opie. It has been an incredible moment when Michelle got reunited with her loving horse! For 10 years she was heartbroken and now the pieces are back together. How wonderful is that?!

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