Horse Rescue Story Caused A Lot Of Heartache – Twiggy’s Story!

This is a rescue story about a former racehorse named Twiggy. After finishing her career, Twiggy has been sent to a slaughter horse like many other horses. But while being on her way someone has saved her and after a while she has been sold to her new owners, for $1500.

Twiggy was re-homed and Sarah, a 16-year-old girl, was her new owner. Though Sarah had an experience as a rider, she knew nothing about owning a horse. During her 2 years of riding lessons she has never owned a horse, so that has been a fresh start for her. It turned out to be very difficult to take care for a horse like Twiggy. She cost them a lot of heartache.

Sarah loved Twiggy a lot, because that horse has been a dream come true for that young girl. Because she didn’t have enough space to keep Twiggy around, she kept her on her neighbors property and at first everything was going great. After some period problems started to show of and Twiggy started to crack out.

When Sarah took her for a ride, Twiggy started to rear, to buck and showing a lot of signs of discomfort. Sarah has been disappointed and got really scared of her horse. She didn’t want to ride twiggy anymore, because obviously something was wrong with the horse.

Twiggy wasn’t happy in spite Sarah’s love and care, and that’t why the girl has been heart-broken. Sarah lost her confidence and thought that she was not a good rider. Unfortunately, no one gave her some practical advice or recognized that Twiggy hasn’t been trained for those kind of rides. That’s why things went even worse! When winter came, there was no green grass in the paddock and because of that Twiggy lost lots of her weight. Sarah’s mom was concerned and she called a professional to advice them and check Twiggy’s condition.

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