Horse shows brilliant movement and pace while doing the piaffe

It is not easy performing dressage as you have to plan it in details but it is even harder to perform Piaffe and passage. What you are going to watch in this video is a performance of Piaffe with such brave elegance. It is an awesome and trained Piaffe that actually has the horse lowering the pelvis and using his hindquarters.

It seems perfect just as Piaffe should be, super engaged and no horrible snapping and bolting of front legs and a slow completely unengaged hind end that we tend to see too often in modern dressage. The rider and the horse have an excellent bond together and seeing the rider’s seat hoover forward and up ever so slightly and the horse’s weight shift dramatically over his hindquarters as he shifts into reverse, and then the rider just sit a little more, and the only bobble is the horse asking Jorge if he wants a forward Piaffe or to kick it up into passage, is simply awesome.

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