Horse Whisperer Saves A Pony Scheduled To Be Slaughtered And Trains Him To Become A World Champion

A pony has gone from facing slaughter to becoming world agility champion thanks to a very special friendship. The Exmoor pony called Bear was scared of humans and had problems trusting them because someone had branded him all over his rump, back, and shoulders when he was just a little baby.

Horrible burns up and down his body caused him, from a very early age, to see all humans as bad guys. It seemed the end for this poor little pony but Dawn Westcott, a horse whisperer, stepped in and changed the situation completely.

She took Bear in while a charity was trying to find him a home but soon she decided to keep him for herself. She really loved this pony and trained him to be a two time International Horse Agility World Champion.

Now he has ribbons to his name and will go on training and competing and will never give up. Mrs Westcott said:

“Like any bright creatures, they don’t like being handled with coercion and violence, or not being listened to, and they have so much to offer when invited to be willing partners.”

Dawn Westcott and Hawkwell Versuvius – 2011 International Horse Agility World Champions – photo Nick Westcott.jpg

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