Horses Gather To Say ‘FAREWELL’ To Their Dead Friend!

There are times when there is no difference between humans and animals, and there are also times when we can learn a lot from the animals, their actions and their empathy. Cases are not rare when animals make us think that there is still hope in humanity and this drives us to work harder. What you are going to watch in this video is a clip of horses gathering together to say ‘goodbye’ to their dead friend.

The mare was born with a bended leg and everything seemed to go well until she reached the age of 18. Apparently, the cold winter and arthritis were killing her and the owners couldn’t see her suffer anymore and with so much pain all over her body, they decided to put her down.

They let her enjoy the green summer days running freely in the fields and as soon as the winter was setting in they put her down. They knew that they had to give her a proper burial and let the herd be with her so that they could say goodbye and let them understand that their leader had passed away and would never come back again.

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