Huge Act Of Kindness And Compassion – Country Music ICON Willie Nelson Rescues 70 Horses From Slaughter

Over 70 horses bound for slaughter now roam free on Willie Nelson’s ranch in Texas. We all know what happens to the poor horses when their owners don’t want them anymore. They are sold to people who sell them to inhumane slaughterhouses for human consumption.

Whenever we hear of rescues we will always share these news because people who save animals from slaughter have really big hearts. The horses Nelson saved were unwanted for various reason and they probably were going to end up in the same place when they were rescued by Habitat for Horses, the organization Nelson adopts from.

After adopting them Nelson rehabilitated them on his ranch in Austin, Texas, and now they roam free and have the treatment they deserve. Nelson said, “I called my ranch Luck Ranch. When you’re here, you’re in Luck, and when you’re not, you’re out of Luck.

My horses are probably the luckiest horses in the world. They get hand-fed twice a day, and they were just ready to go to slaughter is probably the last thing they remembered, so they’re happy horses.” Willie Nelson, who is 87, still tours and makes performances but he has written an amazing son about horses. Below are the lyrics and the video!

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