Identical Twins Have Identical Twin Horses

Identical twin sisters Greta and Hannah Verkerk know they were special, but not for any reason you’d immediately expect!

A few years ago, the twins, who live and work together on a horse farm in the U.K., got a shocking bombshell when their mare became pregnant. The equine enthusiasts were obviously excited, but when the day finally came, the horse gave birth to not one — but two — babies!

During the birth, George came first, and following right behind was his twin brother, Harry! The sisters were in complete disbelief at the birth of the rare twin foals. According to statistics, only about one in 10,000 horses have twins, and even fewer survive birth.

The twin sisters worked tirelessly to keep the twin boys alive, and they did survive. It’s so amazing to see that George and Henry have grown up to become such beautiful and healthy animals.

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