Incredible Short Film Where A Black Horse Takes Over…

This lovely horse manages to take over the scene despite the dancers he confronts with. It is a short film, and a sort of commercial for the nail polish brand Oplin 2012. “Instinct of colors” is the name of this clip, and it has been created by the ad agency DAN Paris. They’ve done an amazing job, don’t you agree?! You will be blown away by this extraordinary short film.

Lady in black is the name of the main star in the video, and as you can see she is one good-looking horse. According to Mario Luraschi, Lady in black is a thoroughbred horse. Luraschi is a French equestrian trainer, and the trainer of Lady in black. This horse makes some amazing dressage moves, and most of them are authentic. But, some of the moves have been made by skilled animators, and you can notice that very easy!

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