Leopard Appleloosa – Gorgeous Foal With The Most Unique Color In The World!

All babies are cute and adorable no matter what the species and horses aren’t an exception. The little foal you are going to watch in the video is winning the hearts of people all over the world just by watching it in video.

This foal is named Nadira and it is special because of coat colour. While most horses are solid grey, brown, or black, Nadira has a distinctive cookies-and-cream coat.

It is a bay leopard Haflinger/Gypsy cross and this is not exactly something you see every day. It the black spots on her silver coat that identify her as such but this little beauty doesn’t mind it at all but just enjoys life.

It is not only the colour that makes us love her but because she is also a bundle of love. She is really friendly and she gets on well with the dogs that live on the farm and she doesn’t mind spending time with them and enjoying it as well.

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