Little Boy And His Little Horse – Priceless Moment!

There is nothing cuter and sweet than watching two little boys playing innocently together not taking into consideration their differences. What you are going to watch is a video of a cute little boy and a sweet foal playing together the game of tag.

As soon as the video was posted it got thousands of likes, comments, and shares with people saying that it was a heartwarming video. Sigurlína Erla Magnúsdóttir, the owner of the foal and the mother of the little kid called Þórður Bragi said that she had never thought that those two would be so connected and become best friends.

She also said, “Ever since that day they have become more and more curious about one another. He comes with us to the stables, where we have allowed Köggur to come out and run around with Þórður. The two of them then play tag. Köggur seeks Þórður out. He is far more likely to follow him than he is to follow us.” these two little guys are having the best time ever and they don’t care who around, they just enjoy the moment! Watch the cute video!

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