Little Girl Has No Regards For Her Own Safety!

We have usually heard the word ‘trick’ or ‘stunt’ and when we think of these words the first thing that comes to our minds is exciting but dangerous actions. We all know what trick riding is. It involves tricks done one the back of a horse while the horse moves around.

Riders practice tricks such as stand up or hang off the side of the horse as they ride and sometimes this is done even when the horse is in full speed. People who see this kind of riding find it hard to believe that this can be done and performed but what you are going to watch in this video is not trick tiding in an arena but a little girl riding a horse at full gallop in the middle of the road and performing stunts at the same time.

The little girl might be a future star and this might look really exciting but performing stunts in the middle of the road on the back of a horse at full speed is really dangerous. This girl has got amazing skills and she is really talented but a mistake and she could end up badly injured or even risk her life.

In addition, riding a horse at full speed on concrete isn’t the best thing to do because it hurts the horse’s legs. As amazing as it might look, I think this is reckless and dangerous for both the little girl and the horse as not only the girl, who probably doesn’t know much about horses, but also the people who take that on camera have no regards for her safety.

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