Little Kid Has His Own Unique Way Of Mounting A Horse

There’s no such thing as an obstacle too big that some clever thinking can’t get around. A little boy has proven just how true this is by refusing to let something as big as a horse to get in his way of mounting it. People have always said, where there’s will there’s a way and this little man surely has found a way of getting on the horse.

The kid simply refuses the traditional method of asking a grown-up to help him mount the horse and he surprises everyone by simply doing all the work by himself. First, he takes hold of two strings of rope hanging from the saddle, then clings to the horse’s feet, pulls himself up a little bit to place one foot on the stirrup and then in the end just hops on the back of the horse. This great little man is so gifted and so strong that one day he will surely be a great rider.

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