Man Brings His 2,000 Pound Pet In The Store After Hearing Leashed Animals Are Allowed

In today’s society, it is not uncommon to see businesses post signs outside of their establishing stating that they do not allow pets into the building.
A lot of people find that this is animal discrimination, but it has not slowed businesses down from putting the “pets not allowed” signs outside of their doors.
As a matter of fact, these signs have become so common that it’s actually rare to find a business that allows pet owners to bring their pets into the establishments with them.
Due to the commonplace of these signs, it’s not feasible for pet owners to refuse to use stores that refuse to accommodate their animals being with them.
However, in Oklahoma, one man was very happy when he found a tractor supply store that would allow him to bring his pet into the store, as long as it was on a leash.
Another shopper in the store, Robin, managed to capture this occasion on camera.
While shopping, Robin saw a man in full cowboy attire come into the store.
The man went to the clerk and inquired if what the sign said was true about allowing animals inside, as long as they were on a leash.

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