Man Ignores Rules & Pets Wild Horse, Regrets It As He Gets Kicked In The Groin

People often forget that there is a clear difference between domesticated and wild animals.

This is why parks and sanctuaries that provide homes to wild animals have strict rules regarding safety and distance.

In this video, we see tourist ignoring the rules and getting into deep trouble for it.

This video is from Assateague Island off the coast of Maryland.

The island, which is home to over 300 wild horses, is labeled with multiple warning signs asking people to avoid any interaction with the wild horses.

But one particular tourist blatantly ignored the rules and tried to pet a wild horse.

As we see in this video, the tourist casually starts petting the wild horse who was just minding his own business.

The horse is instantly miffed by this unwanted attention and proceeds to throw a swift kick towards the man.

As luck would have it, the kick lands on the man’s groin and he collapses to the ground in agonizing pain.

While we do feel sorry for this poor tourist, we are left questioning his judgment to ignore the clear signboards.

This is one of the videos which clearly shows how important it is to follow the rules laid out for our own safety.

So let’s stay respectful of safety rules, and avoid learning lessons the hard way like this tourist.

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