Meet Endo The Blind, A Miracle Horse That You’re Going To Fall In Love With!

The horse you are going to watch in the video is proof that even a blind horse can be a great one. Endo, a brave Appaloosa gelding is inspiring people the world over after a disease caused him to have his eyes removed.

Life is so colorful with horses and each day is different from the other, making your days a mixed bag of joy, happiness and enthusiasm. Not only are they majestic but they are also powerful and loyal and no matter what happens to you horses are always there but you also are always there for them when they need you.

Morgan Wagner and her horse Endo are a versatile team, competing in working equitation, which combines dressage, obstacle and timed obstacle phases, as well as trick training and liberty work. Even though Endo is blind he is no different from other horses when it comes to sport and competitions, and it is exactly this which makes Endo an exceptional horse.

Endo suffered from moon blindness and even though some cases can be treated Endo’s case was really severe and extreme measures had to be taken, the removal of his eyes. Many horses wouldn’t have made it without being able to see but Endo was a fighter and he never gave up.

He quickly returned to his daily activities although in the beginning it was really hard for him to balance and know where he was going. Now he can perform in liberty, trick work, working equitation. Endo is a true inspiration for us all.

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