Meet Gulliver: The Tiniest Horse In The Wolrd

This little fellow in the video is Gulliver, an American Miniature horse, living in a happy-go-lucky environment on a farm not far from St. Petersburg. The foal used to be the size of a cat (about 30 centimeters) when he was born, he has grown a little since then, reaching 40 cm.Though, when he grows up, his full height will be no more than half a meter.

The little animal, which was born to a miniature horse, is doing well despite being half the size it should have been.The horse, ironically named after the giant Gulliver, is now being cited as a candidate for the Guinness World Records.

His owner Elena Chistyakova, who lives in the village of Skotnoye in north-western Russia’s Leningrad Oblast region, said his birth was a “miracle”. She said: “When I was told we got such a tiny baby on our farm I did not believe it.And then I saw it, it was as big as a cat.

I was so happy, it is a miracle, the most important thing is not that it is so small, but that it is well-built.He is very friendly, and he behaves like a star. Very at ease. He is one unique fella.

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