Mom Takes 2-Day-Old Filly Outside! Now Watch When She Comes Out From Behind!

Coconut is a wonderful and rare filly, and in the video footage beneath this text you are about to witness her first day outside in the pasture. She is about to meet all the other horses, who are eager to see this beautiful baby horse.

This Medicine Hat filly is only two days old when this video was filmed. Everyone has been amazed with her appearance, because she has brown ears, and rare markings. Together with her mother she is experiencing something new, and they both look happy for sharing that moment. It is a heartwarming scene, don’t you agree?!

Coconut is a special horse, and every horse lover would fall in love with her. She is cute, curious, playful, and alert and her mother looks proud of her. She stands beside her baby during the whole video, and wants to be sure that everything is fine with her Coconut. Most of the moms just their babies to wander off without guidance. But this one is not like that, and that doesn’t mean that she is over protective. Enjoy the video!

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